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Tips for pest free zone

Stop Leakage:

Leaking water is an invitation for pest. Stagnant water makes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Garbage bin with lid:

Make sure to put lid on your garbage bin.

Reduce Clutter:

Clutter makes a great hiding place available for cockroaches ,rats and other insects. Reuse or recycle old papers and boxes.

Cracks and crevices:

Filling cracks with silica gel or white cement will help to remove hiding places for pests.

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar .

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent
About Us


We are certified and trained by National Institute Of Plant Health Management, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India. 

•  Government Approved Company - Licence No. LAID02010200

•  Company is registered under Maharashtra Shop & Establishment Act 1948. Reg. No.    12619403450002938806.

•  We are Registered under Service Tax Authority

•  We are Registered under NSDL for Tax Deduction Account No.

We have attended several pest audits like HACCAP, ISO, GMP etc which are being conducted for Five Star Hotels, Pharmaceutical Industries and other Food Handling Establishments while.


We have conducted several building exterior/interiors repair and painting works, industrial painting project, several residential houses, Villas and offices in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.

Our civil maintenance services covers the range of maintenance works such as water proofing, re-plastering, repairing, flooring, painting, basic plumbing, roof replacements or erection of new shed and individual house & office renovations etc. Our superior project management skills ensure that every client can rely on the delivery of excellent civil maintenance services.

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