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Tips for pest free zone

Stop Leakage:

Leaking water is an invitation for pest. Stagnant water makes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Garbage bin with lid:

Make sure to put lid on your garbage bin.

Reduce Clutter:

Clutter makes a great hiding place available for cockroaches ,rats and other insects. Reuse or recycle old papers and boxes.

Cracks and crevices:

Filling cracks with silica gel or white cement will help to remove hiding places for pests.

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar .

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent
Welcome to CLEANPEST

Why pest control is needed??

Some people are frightened to pests, others may be fascinated. But the fact is people will agree on is that pest don't belong in home. Not only do they create unsanitary conditions, but they are also just plain irritating. Mosquitoes, flies and ticks can carry diseases that they transport to humans. Ants and bed bugs can cause painful stings. Even common cockroach can be a major contributor towards allergies and asthma attacks. Termite and wood borer can destroy all your valuable papers, furniture and clothes. Rat is the biggest nuisance once it enters in the house.

Why one should choose CLEANPEST to tackle pest issues in your premises??

We identifies pest by its species, life style and behavior before getting rid of it. Hire a well trained, government trained, certified and educated pest control operator to treat your house. Using unknown chemical in your house can put your health in danger. We have technically trained and an experienced pest control operator to give you relief from pests while keeping in mind safety factor of your life.

Physical prevention is the best solution to minimize the pest problem. CLEANPEST also carry out civil maintenance of property employing a vast range of highly skilled tradesmen including mason, painter, carpenters & plumbers. Cleanpest is able to offer ease of mind and hassle free property maintenance by offering one contractor for all civil maintenance needs in a residential & commercial environment

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