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Tips for pest free zone

Stop Leakage:

Leaking water is an invitation for pest. Stagnant water makes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Garbage bin with lid:

Make sure to put lid on your garbage bin.

Reduce Clutter:

Clutter makes a great hiding place available for cockroaches ,rats and other insects. Reuse or recycle old papers and boxes.

Cracks and crevices:

Filling cracks with silica gel or white cement will help to remove hiding places for pests.

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar .

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent
Services -> Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control :

Mosquito control is the task of managing the population of mosquitoes to reduce their damage to human health, economies, and enjoyment of mosquito-ridden areas. Mosquito control is a vital public-health practice throughout the world and especially in India because mosquitoes spread many diseases, such as malaria, dengue and chickengunya.

Control Measures

Indoor Residual Suraface Spray Treatment: In this treatment we spray a colorless with pleasant smell insecticide on the walls. The insecticide is harmless for human beings. Most of the internal area act as a hiding and roosting place or the mosquitoes. Such area treated by spraying an insecticide which is act as contact poison as well as repellent for the mosquitoes.

Larvicidal Spray Treatment: Control of mosquito larvae can be accomplished through use of larvicides , growth regulators, surface films. These are applied at potential mosquito breeding sites such as nallahs outside the complex. The recommended frequency of application is weekly.

Thermal Fogging: Control of adult mosquitoes is the most familiar aspect of mosquito control to most people. It is accomplished by ground-based applications or via aerial application of chemical pesticides such as thermal fogging. This is done primarily in outdoor areas. The frequency of the treatment depends of the intensity of the problem.

Mechanical Control: This is one of the non chemical preventive measure to stop mosquitoes to enter inside the premises. Keeping the windows closed or putting the nylon mesh on the window is one of the ideal solution.

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