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Tips for pest free zone

Stop Leakage:

Leaking water is an invitation for pest. Stagnant water makes a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Garbage bin with lid:

Make sure to put lid on your garbage bin.

Reduce Clutter:

Clutter makes a great hiding place available for cockroaches ,rats and other insects. Reuse or recycle old papers and boxes.

Cracks and crevices:

Filling cracks with silica gel or white cement will help to remove hiding places for pests.

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar

Wash kitchen surface with vinegar .

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent

Neem Leaves act as a good pest repellent
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Spray Treatment

In case of heavy infestation of cockroaches and other crawling insects like spiders, lizards, silver fish, ants etc. we recommend to get the spray treatment done.

All you need to do is,
  • Empty out utensils, raw food material from the rack/shelf/wardrobe etc.
  • Make sure the utensils, raw food material etc. are covered well to avoid cross contamination with chemicals.
  • Leave the premises as it is for about 2 Hrs.
  • Keep the door, window open, switch on the exhaust fan for sufficient ventilation.
  • Clean the premises well before using.
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